Тест по английскому «Фразовые глаголы».

Тест по английскому «Фразовые глаголы» включает в себя 2 варианта.

Скачать тест по английскому «Фразовые глаголы»


1. My friend never leaves her house without a …

A) make up
B) make in
C) make out
D) make off

2. I am thinking about … football or basketball.

A) taking up
B) taking in
C) taking over
D) taking down

3. Children have a lively imagination, they often … stories.

A) make off
B) make in
C) make out
D) make up

4. My parents often argue, but they always … each other quickly.

A) put in
B) put off
C) put up with
D) put out

5. Millie … her mother in appearance.

A) takes out
B) takes down
C) takes after
D) takes away

6. The new manager will … next week.

A) take up
B) take over
C) take in
D) take off

7. I’m going to … my girlfriend … tonight.

A) take / out
B) take / off
C) take / down
D) take / up

8. We’re looking … to our summer holidays.

A) Down
B) forward
C) aside
D) away

9. Will you look … my son tomorrow?

A) after
B) over
C) up
D) out

10. The old witch turned ___ a young beautiful girl.

A) up
B) down
C) into
D) around

11. Jeremy didn’t want to … the wedding any longer.

A) put over
B) put off
C) put by
D) into

12. Look … your neighbors. They seem to be suspicious.

A) in
B) after
C) through
D) out of

13. Keep … from this dog, she bites!

A) away
B) back
C) down
D) in

14. Meredith, you shouldn’t turn … an offer from Harvard.

A) into
B) down
C) up
D) of

15. Lily tired to keep … her tears and not to cry in public.

A) on
B) up
C) back
D) down


1) A
2) A
3) D
4) C
5) C
6) B
7) A
8) B
9) A
10) C
11) B
12) D
13) A
14) B
15) C

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