20.04.2021. Диагностическая работа №2 по английскому языку 11 класс (АЯ2010301) задания и ответы


  • Официальная работа от СтатГрад
  • Работа включает в себя 1 официальный вариант;
  • Работа соответствует всем последним требованиям и изменениям от ФИПИ;
  • Официальные задания, ответы и критерии проверки будут доступны сразу после оплаты;
  • Инструкция по скачиванию материалов

Некоторые задания:

1. Being an early bird helps me to keep fit.
2. Exercising doesn’t have to be stressful.
3. Whatever nature offers is the best.
4. It is important for me to feel clean.
5. It’s a blast from the past, and I like it!
6. Competitive sports help lose weight faster.
7. Being greedy can help with self-discipline!

2. A. Stephen is interested in art.
B. There are five people in Stephen’s family.
C. Jennifer has come to the gallery to listen to music.
D. Stephen can play the guitar.
E. Charlie will have a birthday soon.
F. Charlie likes Leonardo da Vinci.
G. Stephen borrowed some money from Jennifer.

3. When Katie says “it’s quite self-explanatory”, she means that
1) bullet journals are designed by their owners.
2) it is easy to understand the meaning of the word.
3) one can learn the skill without anybody’s help.

4. Which of the following is NOT the reason why the presenter finds the popularity
of bullet journaling strange?
1) Bullet journals are not digital.
2) Bullet journals are too simple.
3) Bullet journals are expensive.

5. According to Katie, the main advantage of bullet journaling is that
1) it helps you not to lose things.
2) it serves your individual needs.
3) it allows you to draw pictures.

6. When the presenter exclaims “No kidding!”, he expresses surprise about the fact that
1) bullet journaling was invented by an adult.
2) bullet journals aren’t used by young children.
3) bullet journals are supposed to be beautiful.

7. The person who invented bullet journaling
1) had a hard time concentrating on things.
2) couldn’t attract attention to his invention.
3) wanted to learn to design beautiful journals.

8. Katie’s mother thinks that bullet journaling helps people to
1) organize things that need to be done.
2) efficiently do what needs to be done.
3) postpone doing what needs to be done.

9. Which of the following does Katie NOT mention as one of the reasons for bullet journaling?
1) making life organized
2) developing creativity
3) finding peace of mind