14.12.2022. Британский Бульдог (British Bulldog) 2-11 классы. Задания и ответы официального конкурса


  • Официальные задания и ответы конкурса по английском языку «British Bulldog»;
  • В стоимость входят: все задания, аудио и ответы на все задания;
  • Официальные задания и ответы будут доступны сразу после оплаты (без водяных знаков);
  • Инструкция по скачиванию материалов.

Некоторые задания 2 класс:

1. Who is writing the letter?
A) Sue
B) Ann
C) Emma
D) Helen
Ответ: А

2. Who is she? She is a … .
A) student
B) doctor
C) manager
D) teacher
Ответ: А

3. Where does she live? She lives … .
A) in London
B) in a small village
C) in a little town
D) in a big town
Ответ: С

4. What pet does she have?
A) A dog
B) A cat
C) A horse
D) A rabbit
Ответ: В

5. What is its name?
A) Jane
B) Baby
C) Cori
D) Penny
Ответ: D

Посмотри на слова и выбери те, в которых буква «g» читается как [ʤ] 6. A) go B) gym C) god D) game
Ответ: B

7. A) pig B) big C) page D) grow
Ответ: C

8. A) cage B) gun C) gate D) goat
Ответ: A

9. A) frog B) grey C) green D) large
Ответ: D

10. A) bag B) age C) glass D) guitar
Ответ: B

Выбери слово и поставь его вместо многоточия, чтобы получилось правильное предложение
11. Meg … a very big dog.
A) are B) is
C) am D) have
Ответ: B

12. What colour … the walls?
A) am B) is
C) are D) has
Ответ: C

13. What time … it?
A) is B) be
C) are D) am
Ответ: A


Некоторые задания 3-4 класс:

Listen to the text and answer the questions
1. What does the boy like about the girl? ьHer … .
A) shoes B) hairdo C) bag D) dress
Ответ: D

2. What party is the girl going to have at her school? … party.
A) A Halloween B) An Easter
C) A New Year D) A Christmas
Ответ: B

3. When will the children have a competition?
A) At 3 o’clock B) At three thirty
C) At a quarter to 3 D) At a quarter past 3
Ответ: B

4. What does the boy wish the girl?
A) Good luck! B) Bon appétit!
C) To be careful! D) To enjoy herself!
Ответ: D

5. Where is the girl’s school situated?
A) Near the library B) Far from the library
C) In the park D) Opposite the bank
Ответ: A

Read the dialogue and answer the questions
Steve: How long are you staying in London?
Anna: I’m going to stay for a fortnight and then I’m going to visit my relatives in Wales. They don’t live in London any more. I will spend a few days with them.
Steve: Are you coming back to London after that?
Anna: Yes, I’ll be back for a few days before I catch my plane home to Italy. I hope that the weather will be good by then.
Steve: I’m sure it will be warm and sunny. Could we meet before you fly home?
Anna: Yes, I’d love to. We can have lunch together.
Steve: Okay, do you remember the café where we were last year?
Anna: Of course, I do.
Steve: Let’s meet there at five o’clock. Good-bye!
Anna: See you.

6. Where do Anna’s relatives live? They live in … .
A) Wales B) London
C) England D) Italy
Ответ: A

7. How many days is Anna going to spend in London before leaving for Wales?
A) A week B) Two weeks
C) One day D) A few days
Ответ: B

8. Where does Anna live now? She lives in … .
A) Northern America B) Australia
C) Southern Europe D) Russia
Ответ: C

9. What will Anna and Steve do when they meet? They will … .
A) go to the cinema B) walk around London
C) eat at the café D) go to the museum
Ответ: C

10. When did Anna and Steve meet in London before?
A) At 5 o’clock B) Next year
C) Yesterday D) Last time
Choose the correct variant
Ответ: D

11. Why … wearing your dress now?
A) do you B) you are
C) aren’t you D) was you
Ответ: C

12. I have got … friends at school.
A) a lot B) much
C) little D) some
Ответ: D

13. … the girl’s hair long?
A) Has B) Does
C) Are D) Is
Ответ: D

Некоторые задания 5-6 класс:

1. Where is the International Clothes Show?
A) In Big Ben B) In Scotland
C) In Africa D) At the Royal Lion Hotel
Ответ: D

2. When will the show start?
A) At ten to eight B) At eight
C) At eight thirty D) In fifteen minutes
Ответ: B

3. What can they see in the first part of the show? Clothes for … .
A) aged people B) middle-aged people
C) newborns D) youngsters
Ответ: D

4. Who will show clothes on the catwalk?
A) Cats and dogs B) Boys and girls
C) Designers D) Nobody
Ответ: B

5. What colour are the jackets?
A) Red B) Purple
C) Orange D) Blue
Ответ: C

6. At what time is it possible to see skirts, cardigans and jumpers?
A) At ten to eight B) At eight
C) At half past eight D) In fifteen minutes
Ответ: C

7. Where are the jumpers from?
A) From Africa B) From Europe
C) From Asia D) From America
Ответ: B

8. Why will they stop the show for a while?
A) To have a snack B) To go home
C) To change clothes D) To try on new clothes
Ответ: A

9. How long will the break last?
A) 10 minutes B) 15 minutes
C) Half an hour D) One hour
Ответ: B

10. What are the people prohibited to do during the show?
A) To watch the show B) To enjoy themselves
C) To take photos D) To rise to their feet
Ответ: D

Read the text and answer the questions
Crocodiles are large reptiles. Some of the largest crocodiles grow to the length up to 7 metres. Their skin is very thick and is covered with hard and rough scales. All crocodiles live near water, whether it is
a swamp or marshy area, lake or river, and they spend a great part of their time there. Being able to walk quite easily on their large flat feet, they can manage to run if necessary and sometimes slide on their stomachs. In the water they are strong swimmers. When swimming a crocodile places its limbs against its body and propels through the water by swinging its massive tail from side to side. They will often stay wholly still in the water for long periods with their bodies below the surface of th ewater. Only their nose, ears and eyes are visible, asthese are all on top of the head. Although they need to breathe air, crocodiles have the ability to dive beneath the water and remain there for some time. It’s interesting that crocodiles swallow their prey most of the time and their eyesight is excellent, but it improves in the evening. During dry seasons some crocodiles sleep in small borrows dug up by them in the river banks or at the bottom of drying ponds.

11. Which is one of the crocodiles’ habitats?
A) Deserts B) Mountains C) Swamps D) Steppe
Ответ: C

12. Where do crocodiles spend most of their life?
A) In the mountains B) Under the ground
C) In the water D) In the desert
Ответ: C

13. How can crocodiles move on ground? They can … .
A) jump B) fly C) slide D) jog
Ответ: D

14. What are crocodiles very good at?
A) Jumping B) Swimming C) Jogging D) Flying
Ответ: B

15. Which part of their body is more helpful for swimming?
A) Paws B) Head C) Tail D) Eyes
Ответ: C

16. Which part of their body can you often see over the surface of the water?
A) Sharp teeth B) A tail
C) The stomach D) The nose
Ответ: D

Некоторые задания 7-8 класс:

1. When does the Greenham Family Festival take place? In … .
A) spring B) summer C) autumn D) winter
Ответ: B

2. Who are the first performers to appear on the stage?
A) The drummers B) The singers
C) The jazzmen D) The guitarists
Ответ: A

3. Where are these performers from?
A) California B) They are local citizens
C) Nigeria D) London
Ответ: C

4. Who is the local performer?
A) The Bundy Boys B) The Jarrow Jazz Band
C) Shady Sisters D) Amy Brownlow
Ответ: D

5. Which musical instrument does Amy Brownlow play? The … .
A) drum B) guitar C) piano D) violin
Ответ: B

6. When does the Jarrow Jazz Band appear on the stage?
A) At 5 p.m. B) At 5 a.m.
C) After the break D) Later in the evening
Ответ: A

7. Whose latest CD can the people buy?
A) The drummers’ B) The singer’s
C) The sisters’ D) The jazzmen’s
Ответ: C

8. What can you not buy at the stalls around the park?
A) Food B) Drinks C) Toys D) Clothes
Ответ: C

9. How much does the portrait cost?
A) Two pounds B) A pound and a half
C) One pound D) It’s free
Ответ: C

10. What will be at the end of the festival?
A) Fireworks B) Disco
C) Gala concert D) Meeting
Ответ: A

Read the text and fill
in the most suitable word Once, a beautiful maple tree grew in the centre of a large park. All summer it was … (11) with green leaves. Many people sat on the green grass under it and enjoyed its cool … (12). But along with the fall came a … (13) in the maple tree. Its green leaves began to … (14) red and yellow.So everyone said, “How beautiful … (15)!” The maple tree was glad to hear it and she became… (16) and vain. She spread out her branches sofar that a little pine close by was almost hidden from … (17). “It doesn’t matter,” said the maple, “No one cares to look at him, he is … (18) plain little tree.” The pine heard the unkind words and sighed. Just then a cold wind passed and said, “Why do you sigh, little pine?” The pinereplied, “I sigh because the maple is so … (19) beautiful than I am.” The wind felt sorry for him and whispered, “Only wait!” In a few days the leaves of the maple tree turned brown and fell to the ground. When the snow came, there was but one bright cheerful spot in the whole park, the brave pine with the needles … (20) they were when they first came out.

11. A) spread B) covered C) planked D) drowned
Ответ: B

12. A) shade B) roots C) purity D) shadow
Ответ: D

13. A) change B) desease C) disaster D) destruction
Ответ: A

14. A) revoke B) have C) turn D) acquire
Ответ: C

15. A) the tree B) is the tree C) the tree is D) the tree was
Ответ: C

16. A) violent B) proud C) successful D) independent
Ответ: B

17. A) scene B) sight C) scenery D) look
Ответ: B

Некоторые задания 9-11 класс:

Listen to the text and answer the questions
1. What is the headmaster’s name?
A) Mrs Bolton B) Mr Bolton
C) Mr Ward D) Mrs Ward
Ответ: A

2. What do the headmaster and the woman want
to discuss?
A) The pupils’ progress at school
B) The trip
C) The lessons
D) The timetable
Ответ: B

3. How long does the Bluebell Line Railway run for?
A) Less than 34 km B) 34 km
C) More than 40 km D) 40 km
Ответ: C

4. When is the Bluebell Line Railway open?
A) In winter
B) All the year round
C) Only in summer
D) From April to the end of autumn
Ответ: D

5. What are Grime’s Graves?
A) Tombs B) Craters C) Canyons D) Caverns
Ответ: D

6. When did Grime’s Graves appear?
A) In 1865 B) In 1899
C) In 1973 D) Several thousand years ago
Ответ: D

7. Where does the headmaster suggest going to?
A) Tower of London and Dover Castle
B) Bluebell Line Railway and Fairground Museum
C) Grime’s Graves and Fairground Museum
D) Bluebell Line Railway and Dover Castle
Ответ: B

8. What does the woman not like about going to the Fairground Museum? It’s … .
A) closed in spring
B) opened all the year round
C) for kids
D) opened only in winter
Ответ: A

9. Where did they decide to go after all? To … .
A) Tower of London B) Fairground Museum
C) Grime’s Graves D) Dover Castle
Ответ: D

10. Which is not the reason in favour of the trip to Dover Castle?
A) It’s close to school
B) They can go there in spring
C) There’s a discount
D) The castle was built 5,000 years ago
Ответ: D

Read the text. For each space choose the correct answer
People often worry about the effects of new technology. Not surprisingly, video games are no … (11). They are frequently … (12) for a range of social problems, while the benefits they can provide are seldom mentioned. In fact, video games are entertaining with new ways of playing which … (13) to a wider … (14); they can be educational, enabling children (and adults) to … (15) in innovative learning. It is often thought that people who play computer games are lonely souls, rarely at … (16) in the company of others. However, while that may have been the case when gaming was … (17) a single-player activity, this is far less so now. The games industry, responding to the needs of an increasingly diverse audience, is bringing out products that not only offer, but actually … (18) on collaboration, interaction and teamwork. This collaboration may be with a group of people gathered around the same computer or online, with players from all corners of the world joining in. The solitary pursuits of the past have been almost completely replaced by interactive environments that are so socially rich that winning the games may become … (19) to collaboration, networking and self-discovery. Indeed, it can be argued that these multiplayer games, far from keeping people … (20) actually help to bring people together.

11. A) example B) exclamation C) exception D) contradiction
Ответ: C

12. A) blamed B) accused C) absolved D) found faults
Ответ: A

13. A) appeal B) repel C) addressed D) interesting
Ответ: C

14. A) society B) eyewitnesses C) publicity D) audience
Ответ: D

15. A) intend B) exclude C) introduce D) engage
Ответ: D

16. A) ease B) relaxation C) quietness D) inspiration
Ответ: B

17. A) not B) predominantly C) at random D) accidentally
Ответ: B