07.02.2023. Диагностическая работа СтатГрад №1 по английскому языку 11 класс (АЯ2210101) задания и ответы


  • Официальная контрольная работа от СтатГрад;
  • Работа соответствует всем последним требованиям и изменениям от ФИПИ и включает в себя 1 официальный вариант;
  • Официальные задания, ответы, формы отчета и критерии проверки будут доступны сразу после оплаты;
  • Инструкция по скачиванию материалов

Некоторые задания:

3. What do we learn about Dr. Laura Hopgood at the beginning of the interview?
1) She studied at the University of Denver.
2) Her first book became a best seller.
3) She is the author of several books.

4. The presenter finds it shocking that the Colorado River is dying because
1) it is so big and well-known.
2) its death will cause problems.
3) it’s human activity that causes it.

5. The examples of «ambitious new developments» that Dr Hopgood gives are the examples of irresponsible use of water for
1) entertainment.
2) agriculture.
3) industry.

6. Dr. Hopgood believes that states that have deserts
1) should encourage economic growth.
2) have natural limitations to growth.
3) can use deserts for agricultural purposes.

7. According to Dr. Hopgood, ground water is NOT
1) used by farmers.
2) connected to rivers.
3) protected well enough.

8. Dr. Hopgood believes that to solve the problem of the Colorado River
1) people should use only as much water as they really need.
2) icebergs should be brought from the South and North Poles.
3) water can be redirected from bigger rivers like the Mississippi.

9. When saying good-bye to Dr. Hopgood, the presenter wants to express that he
1) is sad that they do not have more time for the interview.
2) would prefer the interview to end in a more joyful way.
3) doesn’t like to make his listeners upset by his program.